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1-What is the criteria for using Tampa Heights Community Center?

Answer: Approval of Facility Use is based on several criteria, including, but not limited to:

Eligibility of the individual or group event activity
How the facility use fits in or impacts scheduled activities at the site or previously approved facility use activities
Verbal commitments for facility use are not binding.

2-Question: How do I make a reservation?

Any individual, group or organization wishing to reserve a space with Tampa Heights Community Center must contact the Venue Director at 813-906-5852 or submit a reservation request at

3-Aside from the actual cost of the rental, what are some of the other fees?

If your chosen date is available on the calendar at the time of registering your event; the following will need to be paid:

Rental Deposit of $200.00 (The Fee does not apply to the cost of the rental)

Security Surcharge of $200.00 for all events serving alcohol (Fee is added to the cost of rental)

4-How do I know if my request has been confirmed?

The Venue Director will review the request for final approval.

If approved: The renter will directed to pay a deposit of $200 and will receive access to the Client Portal to sign contracts and manage their account online. If denied: The Venue Director will contact you and provide a reason why your request can not be accepted.

5-What types of activities are allowed?

Approved community activities may include, but are not limited to: afternoon and evening enrichment classes, dinners, concerts, dramas, dances, parties, scouts, weddings and organizational meetings. THJCA Events has the right to deny any event that we deem to be a liability for our organization.

6-I see various types of events are permitted, but what about recreational and athletic activities?

Per the Agreement between, Tampa Heights Community Center and User, recreational and athletic forums must accompany an assigned waiver form for all participants taking part in any physical activity. Failure to provide such documents will forfeit the agreement.

7-Question: Once a request is submitted, how long does it take to be approved?

Typically, a reservation is approved or denied within 1-3 business business days. 

8-I have a group that meets weekly and will need the same space each month. Is that possible?

Yes, however this is dependent on whether or not a concurrent activity is taking place during the time of your request. 


9-How do I know how much I will be charged for use of the building?

The fee schedule, which lists the current rental fees available on the Rates/Services web page. There will be a charge per hour as designated on the site. Tables and chairs are included in the rental cost. Any activity which requires security will incur an additional $200 surcharge.


10-My event was approved, but now I need to make a change to the room/date/time. How do I do this?

 Please send an email request to or call the Venue Director at 813-906-5852.


11-How will our group be invoiced? When is payment due?

An invoice is not generated unless requested in writing. Access to the Client Portal will allow you to view payment due dates and contracts online. The rental deposit is due up front to secure the date requested. The final rental cost is due 30 days prior to your event. It will include charges for time and space used, and any personnel required.  Failure to pay will revoke your reservation.


12-What Payment options will be accepted?

For Online payments, credit cards or debit cards transitions using Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

If paying in person the organization accepts Money Orders only.



13-Does the facility have a cut off time.

Yes. The facility operation hours are from 9:00 am – 12:00 am. Any event that goes beyond 10:00 pm. must utilize security to ensure that no loitering, loud conversations or loud music are taking place in the parking lot or surrounding the facility. The building is located in a residential community. All policies concerning residential respectability must be adhered to. Failure to follow these policies will cause your deposit to be revoked.


14-Can I use additional facility equipment?

Yes, users must request the use of facility equipment and pay the additional cost for use 30 days prior to the event.


15-Do I have to pay for set -up or rehearsal times?

The hours requested on the reservation are the hours that your group has permission to use the facility and should reflect all rehearsal and program time as needed. One hour of free set up and one hour of free breakdown is provided as a courtesy by THJCA. Renters are expected to plan their start and finish time to include all hours needed. Additional hours must be requested and pay for  in advance. Requesting additional hours will not be permitted on the day of the event.


16-Does the facility have different rates for different spaces inside of building?

Yes. We do allow other areas in the building to be available for rent. Rates for these spaces are listed on the Rates & Services page of the website.


17-Who is responsible for cleaning the facility once the event is over?

It is the responsibility of the users/renter to ensure all items in the facility are placed back in its original condition. All trash, spilled drinks, and floor must be swept and mopped before departing the facility. (UPON COMPLETION OF THE EVENT, THE FACILITY AND ADJACENT AREA MUST BE CLEAN, ORDERLY, FREE OF ANY OBSTRUCTION OR LITTER, AND RETURNED TO ITS ORIGINAL SETUP AND CONDITION PRIOR TO USE.) This deposit amount will be refunded (within 5-7 business days) after the cleaning assessment has been done on the completion of your event. Any costs incurred to clean will be deducted from this deposit amount and the remaining balance returned to individual renter or renting organization.

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